The customer services assistant said Instagram were good at taking the post down quickly but said the damage had been enormous.
Mrs Bennett, customer experience assistant at a bookmakers, said: 'I was made aware that this post had been going round by a friend.
She said: 'When Mia-Lili told me she had set up an Instagram account, I told her straight away it needed to be taken down and uninstalled as she's not old enough yet.You can write out your poll question and also customize the answers.We didn't hear anything else of it until we heard about the poll.If you check back on the same story, it will also show updated percentages on the poll.'Parents need to be so vigilant when their children use the internet.It also functions a bit differently than a reply to a story filho da puta in english ; instead, you'll take a photo or video, choose the "Poll" sticker option, write your question and two choices, and start to see what people are voting.'She has been the victim of severe bullying before.I never thought I would be dealing with my daughter being a victim of cyber bullying at such a young age.Corrinia Bennett, 33, says her child Mia-Lili has been left inconsolable and wanted to 'end it all' after the cruel prank appeared online.The kids used to rub her tummy and call her fat.We used to live in London and we moved to Norwich for a fresh start.
'Devastated Mia-Lili (pictured left and right with mother Corrinia) has been left inconsolable after cruel bullies shared a photograph of her on Instagram.
Take a photo as if youre going to post it to your Instagram Story as normal.
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A spokesman for Norfolk Constabulary confirmed the investigation is still ongoing.As the answers start coming in, you can swipe into a storys viewers list to see who answered your question and how.Instagram poll about her.We tell her she's beautiful all the time but she won't believe.'.Mia-Lili did as her mother asked and deleted the account but in the few hours it was live, someone got hold of the little girl's profile photo and turned it into a nasty poll.We are still in quite early stages but the investigation is ongoing.'.Keep in mind that the answers you get back will not be anonymous.I'm so proud of her.'.Without her mother's consent Mia-Lili set up an Instagram account at the beginning of June but confessed to Mrs Bennett a couple of hours later.Trust us, were from the future.'And if some parents do think it's okay to let their kids use social media then they need to keep an eye on what they're posting and who's sending them private messages.On the other side of the equation, once youve participated in a poll the story will change so that you can also see what percentage of fellow followers agreed with you.The polls last for 24 hours.