She took up a slice of bread, broke it nervously, then put it aside.
V n P P n put forward busco pareja gay quito ecuador phrasal verb burdel de chacao If you put forward a plan, proposal, or name, you suggest that it should be considered for a particular purpose or job.
V n P He asked to be put through to Charley Lunn.V n P, Also V P n (not pron) 8 phrasal verb To put a particular amount on the cost or value of something means to add that amount., (Antonym: take off) The proposal could put 3p on a loaf of bread.V n on n It is not easy to put the guilty and innocent into clear-cut categories.V P prep 7 phrasal verb If a political party puts up a candidate in an election or if the candidate puts up, the candidate takes part in the election.Bob suggested that the party be put off till Wednesday.V P n (not pron) I rang the Colonel and asked him to put my name forward for the vacancy in Zurich.
You may be a sceptic and put it down to life's inequalities.
The Group decided to put off identifying specific solutions until after a first, information-gathering and summarizing phase was completed.
You put him up.
V P n (not pron) put-down 5 phrasal verb When an animal is put down, it is killed because it is dangerous or very ill.
She immediately put the kettle.
V P n (not pron) The merchant banks raise capital for industry.
I put the radio.(postpone) Women who put off having a baby often make the best mothers.V P n (not pron) I haven't even put any lipstick.V P n P n put up to phrasal verb If you put someone up to something wrong or foolish or something which they would not normally do, you suggest that they do it and you encourage them to.Soldiers went in to put down a rebellion.V n prep/adv, i'd put the children to bed.They can put off the court date, but the case, it's over.V P n (not pron) He's got to put cash down.