And we have a continuous lean code.
Only if the condition is severe, or if the mixture has already overloaded the catalyst.
If lambda remains essentially equal.00 under idle, part-throttle and high-cruise conditions but fuel trim increases with load, we can rule out a vacuum leak.Please try again later.A vacuum leak constitutes a decreasing percentage of the incoming air charge as engine speed and load increase.Obviously, many things might cause this condition, among them low fuel delivery, a faulty mass airflow (MAF) sensor, a large vacuum leak, even a faulty oxygen sensor.Is the catalytic converter still good?But, because the O2 monitors are incomplete, the PCM does not yet trust them enough to have reached a correct fuel trim value.Detail produktu, do e-shopu.Detail produktu Do e-shopu ford fiestan.3 51Kw 03/10 - 05/7 esen-SKV 09SKV048 Lambda sonda druh provozu : elektrický, hmotnost ( v kg ) : 0,1 kg, používá také ford fiestan.3 51Kw motor: A9JA, A9JB vyráběné 2003/10.Certifikát ISO 9001 pro vozy: ford fiesta V (JH JD / 2001.11 - XXX Motor:.6 TDCi, Obsah: 1560, ročník od: 2004.11 do?, výkon: 90PS,.Putting Lambda to Work.After all, CO, normally the indicator of a rich condition, is considerably lower than Oz, which is the telltale indication of a lean exhaust.
In each case, try to see what kinds of faults might account for the data.
The extra O2 content in the exhaust stream putas con dildos gigantes from the dead cylinder caused the PCM to command a rich mixture in response.
This means we can take our exhaust gas samples at any point in the exhaust stream without having to worry about the effects of the catalytic converter.
Ford focus C-MAX.6 Ti 85Kw 04/8 - 07/3 bosch.Detail produktu, do e-shopu, kde donde buscar una pareja najdete velké množství náhradních dílů a doplňků, včetně obrázků a informací.The problem is not likely to be dirty injectors since the fuel trim response is not consistent between speed and load ranges.A previous shop has cleared the codes, and all monitors are incomplete.The fault must be in the U2 sensor.Try this set of readings.Zobrazujeme maximálně 1000 výsledků.Ford fiesta.25 16V 51kw, 55Kw 02/5 - 08/6 delphi ES20318-12B1.