This diagram shows the options payoff as the underlying price changes for the long put position.
Put, long, bought Owns the option.Scenario -1 (when option expires deep in the money) Payoff.On the other hand, if prices of underlying stocks rise, then the writer is exposed to unlimited upside risk as stock price can rise to any level and even if the option is not exercised by the holder, the writer has to buy the shares.This is because one transaction obligates the trader to perform a specific action and the other transaction gives the trader the right to.Strike Price of BOB 70, option Premium 5, price at maturity 65, net Pay-Off 0 #3 Stock price of BOB jumps and trades at 75/- (option expires out of the money).Lets assume three scenarios of movement of BOB share at expiration and calculate pay-off.The put option holder will exercise the option when the stock price becomes putita mexicana voyeurweb less than the strike price.If the stock is above the strike at expiration, the put expires worthless.First, while the option is exercised and second when writer buy back the share.Please note that this is only for 1 stock.Margin Requirement Exchange Traded Options In an option trade, the buyer needs to pay the premium in full.
Whereas, in writing a put option, a person sells the put option to the buyer and obliged himself to buy the shares at the strike price if exercised by the buyer.
XYZ has written an uncovered put option on BOB stock with a strike price of 70/- for one month for a premium of 5/.
XYZ min(ST X, 0) min(75 70, 0) 5/- Strategies in Writing put options The strategy of writing put options can be done in two ways: writing covered put writing naked put or uncovered put Lets discuss these two strategies of writing put option in details.
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XYZ has sold one lot of put option.
XYZ expects that the shares of BOB to trade above 65/- (70 5) till the expiry of the contract.However, the writer has earned an amount of 500/- (5/ per share) as premium making him stands at a break-even point of his trade with no loss and no gain ( ) in this scenario.Options Contract Notations The different notations used in the option contract are as follows: S T : anuncios de contactos en lalin Stock Price X : Strike Price T : Time to expiration C O : Call option premium P O : Put option premium r : Risk-free rate.Breakeven point occurs when the Stock Price Strike Price Premium Received.Long Put, the payoff diagram of a put option looks like a mirror image of the call option (along the Y axis).Once again, a Call option gives it owner the right to buy the underlying at a price and time agreed upon the date of purchase of the option contract. .

A: Purchasing a put option and entering into a short sale transaction are the two most common ways for traders to profit when the price of an underlying asset decreases, but the payoffs are quite different.