Here is a hilarious video in Spanish that explains it all!
Puto/a (as an adjective and always in front of the noun) Tengo que ir al puto médico Lit.I have been on a quest to find out the slang translation for "Pinche".Its so elaborate and dramatic!Here in Texas, in 'Tex-Mex' piche means 'f-ing.' Reply With" maduras en busca de hombres en necochea #10 Depende del contexto.And lets be honest here, whats one of the first things you do when you start studying a new language?I thought this thread was funny cause i always call my gf 'pinche maria' and she calls me pinche t its meant in a good way.Pinche2 mf a (Coc) kitchen porter b (en una oficina) office junior c (fam) (de albañil) mate (colloq).Joder (also pronounced joer ) Literally it has the same meaning as the English F-word, but it's more often used with escort las palmas its figurative meanings.Here are a few useful expressions, but don't be surprised if you hear testicles mentioned in other contexts!Spanish is such a beautiful language for me, and so very different from English.To cost an egg.
In fact, the me cago en is one of the most common curse phrases youll hear in Spain.
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Lets get out of this damn place!Un coñazo A real pain (figuratively speaking).I see "pinche" in Mexico less as "fucking" than as "damn, darn, crappy, worthless, no-good" etc.One of my favorite things about living in Spain was speaking Spanish.However, it's actually more commonly resorted to as an adjective to express anger.Reply With" #5, good Morning Everyone!I loved talking to my little 3 year old students in baby Spanish.People who suck, people who are assholes and deserve a good punch in the heard. .Estar hasta los huevos/cojones.Cojones In spanish they say cojones sirve para todo, and its true.He always says it lovingly, but I've heard it is a derogatory slang term.

Spain being a thoroughly Catholic country, one of the worst and most common ways to curse is to somehow incorporate the holy mother church.
De puta madre with tu puta madre which is an expression used as an insult, usually a rude reply to someone who's already insulted you.