pute meaning in hindi

Farang Whites escolares prostitutas From the Thai word for French (farangsayt) who were among the first to colonize Southeast Asia.
Mulletard Whites Retarded white trash with a mullet.Jafaken Whites Refers to a white guy with dredlocks Jane Goodall Whites White girl who prefers black men.Wegro Whites Same as wigger.Can be insulting if said the right way Lao-wai Whites Applies to all foreigners in China.Could also just as easily be a half black/half white child.Cabbage Whites Small town farm trash that wore spotted welder beanie caps and carried concealed knives to school.
Suddha Whites Sinhala (Sri Lankan language) word for white.
See: Haole Honkaloid Whites From a Christ Rock skit on Saturday Night Live where he bemoans lack of racist terms for whites Honky/Honkie Whites Possibly comes from chicas putitas argentinas the term "Honky Tonk which is a type of country music.
The moderators then used a word-filter, replacing every instance of Wapanese with Weeaboo which was a fabricated term originally coined by Nicholas Gurewitch in his Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip.
Polar Bear Whites Refers to their skin tone.
Pronounced "wad-jah-lah." WAM Whites White American Male Wankster Whites A white person acting as a gangster.Muppetfucker Whites Backwoods inbred rednecks of the.S.Yet others believe it comes from when soldiers cita a ciegas 40 were in South America and they all wore green outfits, and they would say, "Green." Gringa for females.Stands for Racial Identity Crisis.Powdered Donut Whites See "Egg" Printer Whites Printers are generally white.For example, you can delete cookies for a specific site.Khao-Khao Whites (pronounced: cow-cow) Thai slang referring to whites.