Put back to return to its proper place.
; ( fists, to fight ) forza, difenditi!Smile like you wanna be.Fire/cigarette ETC put something out to make a fire etc stop burning SYN extinguish : The rescue services are still trying to put out the fires.Baby put somebody down to put a baby in its bed: We try to put Amy down at six every evening.I dont want to put you in danger.To submit or present (a proposal, question etc ).
Put something in to spend time or use energy working or practising something: Dorothy had put in a lot of hard work during her six years as chairperson.
Put up something to give an amount of money for a particular purpose: The paper put up a reward for information on the murder.
Put something about British English informal to give other people news or information, especially when it is unpleasant or untrue: puton xnxx After he was fired, he put it about that he was fed up with working for such a large company.
Like you never did before, i'm gonna explore all of your body.
( render incorrect ) calculations desbaratar, echar por tierra.Was hat dich darauf gebracht?; to put the police on to somebody die Polizei auf jds Spur bringen ; to put somebody on to a winner/good thing etc jdm einen heißen (inf) or todsicheren Tipp geben?Qué quieres que ponga or escriba?( invest ) invertir to put money into a company invertir dinero en una compañía he put all his savings into the project invirtió todos sus ahorros en el proyecto I put most of the money into shares invertí la mayor parte del dinero.Make somebody/something DO something to make someone or something work or do something, or to use it: a scheme to put unemployed people to work on government construction projects If you have a spare room, put it to work for you take in a lodger.( erect, building, barrier, fence ) costruire, erigere ; ( tent ) montare.Brake mettre ( tease ) person faire marcher ( inform, indicate ) to put sb on to sb/sth indiquer qn/qch à qn put out vi (on phone) caller passer ; call passer Put me through to Miss Blair Passez-moi Miss Blair.To do (a certain amount of work etc ).Especially American English spoken used to tell someone that you think they are joking: He wouldnt do that youre putting.Put somebody/something back to put people or things in the place or situation they were in before: She put the saucepan back on the stove.Figure out understand; find a solution We'll have to figure out a way to deliver the goods faster.The subject matter makes the painting a little, how shall I put it (how can I say it politely?), undesirable for public display.Get in enter How did the burglar get in?The pilot wanted to put the plane down in Boston el piloto quería aterrizar en Boston see also foot A1 see also root.