put on фразовый глагол

Put the light on, I cant see anything.
They put escolares prostitutas it off.Free WordPress Themes and plugins.You must _ _ trousers.He managed to put across the project in time.Yes, it looks like she's put on a lot of weight!Three members were put out of the club for failing to pay the fee.We're all trying to put out this terrible fire!".The cat was suffering, so we had to put him down.The neighbour's wife encuentra chicas is your new boss, you know!I'm putting you through to Mrs Dorada.
Stop talking, you put me off!
Now I can take it off!
Oh, it's easy to remember!
I put.
His self-assured smile puts me off.
I'm not going to put up with this terrible noise coming from the neighbours upstairs!3) Put.We will never put up with such behaviour.Mum: No Billy, please put on your jacket!I put on my evening dress and looked in the mirror.Put out some fire?What's your phone number?It is getting dark.And after five minutes of waiting, I was put through to Mr Nevada.He rents the new flat very cheaply, but he has to _ _ _ a lot of noise - it's next to a train station.Do you want me to put you through to Mrs Dorada?Never put off till tomorrow daniela putita de snapchat what you can do today.