put off meaning in english

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Thus the question formed from John called up the man is Whom did John call up?
This is the problem of compositionality In this way, based on compositionality, we have classified phrasal verbs as: 1) transparent phrasal verbs, 2) semi-transparent phrasal verbs?However, unless we distinguish between adverbial and prepositional particles we cannot understand why we can say, for example: I looked up the word mujeres solteras nuevo laredo (in the dictionary), or: I looked the word up, but not: I came the word across ; why we say: I looked.Examples: put off in a Sentence transitive verb 2 a : to hold back to a later time b : to induce to wait put the bill collector off 3 : to rid oneself of : take off 4 : to sell or pass fraudulently.From Wikipedia The poem, written to frighten the bourgeois, was modeled after the custom of the period.Idiomatic phrasal verb combinations consist of a verb and a particle which are both opaque.
We modify the signification of many words by a particle subjoined; as to come off, to escape by a fetch; mujer busca novia df to fall on, to attack; to fall off, to apostatize; to break off, to stop abruptly.
In order to answer such questions some objective criteria are needed.
Rita looked after the departing guests.
For example I ran into an old friend.
Peter called up his friend.
Not only have these verbs become more numerous but they are used more and more widely, not only in colloquial English but also, for example, in academic writing, in official reports, in fiction, and in the mass media.3) opaque phrasal verbs.The unity between the components of a phrasal verb is often expressed in terms of their cohesion.Are across, over and through prepositional particles or pure prepositions?TAop the particle always follows the object.We have adopted the classification given in the Oxford Dictionary of Contemporary Idiomatic English, as this classification is based on extensive research and is also convenient from the practical point of view.Synonym postpone (formal for example put sth off, if it's too hot to play the final game today, they'll put it off until tomorrow.TAP transitive pattern with both an adverbial and a prepositional particle.However, as stated in the Introduction to the Oxford Dictionary of Current idiomatic English, there is no sharply-defined boundary between idiomatic and non-idiomatic combinations.