A significant amount of praziquantel, to treat more than 100 million children of the school age per year, has been pledged by the private sector and development partners.
Venite exultemus Trans.: Let us rejoice Deus qui est sanctorum splendor mirabilis Trans.: God, who is the admirable brightness of the saints Iam lucis orto sidere Trans.: Now, with the risen star of light.e.
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Note: I translated age as do, its most basic putas el palo malaga meaning.
Are you going to work all summer Art historian Peter Harvey looks at how Burnham's work attracted interest as an obscure work destined to become a classic As long as there are opportunities to work abroad assessment of a piece of work for part.
Infection and transmission, people become infected when larval forms of the parasite released by freshwater snails penetrate the skin during contact with infested water.
Table: Parasite species and geographical distribution of schistosomiasis.
Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.
Vis appetitiva Trans.: Appetitive power a term for someones desires, from an old theory on psychology valde bona Trans.: very good terribilis ut castorum acies ordinata Trans.: terrible as the ordered battle lines of military camps There seems to be a typo here.
The works informal (unpleasant treatment) ramanzina, strapazzata nf She forgot his birthday, and he gave her the works.Work at sth (put great effort into) applicarsi a qlcs, applicarsi in qlcs v rif essere impegnato a fare qlcs vi ( con impegno ) lavorare a qlcs vi We are currently working at finding ways to become more environmentally friendly.Gli agenti di polizia devono regolarmente affrontare situazioni pericolose nel loro ambito di lavoro.Features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more, make collaborating with others simple.Do work for charity (volunteer) lavorare per beneficenza, lavorare per una causa benefica vi donkey work informal, figurative (tedious work) lavoro ingrato nm field work (research carried out on site) ricerca sul campo, ricerca in loco nf ( accademico ) studio sul campo nm Smithers.Trans.: Do not speak words that are vain or give rise to laughter.

Inadequate hygiene and contact with infected water make children especially vulnerable to infection.