The director decided to put all the business deals through very quickly.
She always puts down people who don't share her opinions.
They put it off.
Thomas has put on.Can you put it through by Friday?We have to put our meeting ahead, Ill be busy next week.Three members were put out of the club for failing to pay the fee.You should put down 15 as a deposit.Stop talking, you put me off!You can find new Free Android Games and apps.I have put out my hand.
The match was put off cogiendo una putita con mi suegra due to the rain.
I need to put aside potatoes and carrots for winter.
I put on the sweater.
He put away 3 apples and 2 contactos mujeres en loja granada cakes.
I was such a fool, they simply had put.
We should put this question back to the following month.Can you put me down at the next stop?They didnt put up price for their cottage.We decided to put on something new, we want to impress our audience.He started coughing and put out his cigarette.Tom was really put out by the unexpected arrival of his mother-in-law.He managed to put across the project in time.He simply put us over.Why don't we put some money aside so that we can go on holiday next summer?Merry, put on the light, please!Dont you forget to put out the washing?

In spite of all difficulties, the Parliament has put the new law through.