put away synonym

Plantdrew ( escort fabiana talk ) 20:30, (UTC) And I'm not always entirely sure myself.
A hasp is a metallic strap that fits over a staple, calculated to be secured by a padlock; a simple hook that fits into a staple is also called a hasp.
Steel1943 ( talk ) 20:14, (UTC) The description of the template should be changed too.An update to the "cosmetic bot editing" policy is currently under discussion at Wikipedia talk:Bot policy#WP:cosmeticbot update.There are still some I'd rather leave to you and other editors more expert than.If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.Ay1 ( talk ) 11:57, (UTC) I agree that this template is useful when used for the "broad common meaning of synonym".Princeton's WordNet(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate these synonyms: lock(noun) a fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed.Synonym Worksheet 1 We offer a free printable synonym worksheet that focuses on the following words: all, every, back, behind, call, yell, end, finish, large, big, look, see, near, close by, start and begin.For example, let's say that an editor transcludes R from synonym after its redirected to R from alternative name, but the editor is trying to locate the Rcat now represented by R from alternative scientific name.Maybe this should just be redirected to R from alternate name?
A vulgarism is an expression decidedly incorrect, and the use of which is a mark of ignorance or low breeding.
Leaving aside the remaining scientific names, I think most of the redirects using this template still aren't semantic synonyms.
Peter coxhead ( talk ) 17:44, (UTC) I'm personally guilty of making this mistake.
I use the word "semantic" only to distinguish this type of synonym from the scientific ones.Automobile- Car isn't great.Steel1943 ( talk ) 19:12, (UTC) Fine with.I'm curious to see what happened and the resolution achieved based on the evidence of the issue provided.Synonyms able - capable - competent - adept - proficient - skilled abrupt - sudden - hasty - unexpected achieve - accomplish - attain - realize - reach - complete add - total - sum up - tally - combine - count after - following.Most of the scientific name redirects using this template were tagged by @ Stemonitis : and many could take a arthropod or crustacean if those values were supported by R from alternative scientific name.I suppose it makes sense for Category:Redirects from alternative scientific names to be a subcategory of Category:Redirects from alternative names.I do think it would be best to treat this like R from real name for now, with links for (at least) R from alternative name and R from alternative scientific name.Synonym (taxonomy) and replace the contents of Template:R from synonym with an error landing page, similar to the current states of Template:otrs, Template:R from real name and Template:Cc-by.After Plantdrew's work is done, I will be fine with whatever editors decide to do with this rcat, and yet I see Steel1943's plan as the best choice.There are 88 redirects to Template:R from alternative name.

That's why I thought converting this template to an error landing page was the preferred option.