Faces his toughest audience - three Siberian tigers." 1F08 Krusty claims Mikhail Gorbachev has herpes.
Labf17 The Simpsons Are Going to France!
Dj 9F20 Sign: You are now leaving Springfield.
Kabf16 Bart finds a Montreal Expos jersey looking through the 99 cents bin at You Forgot-Me-Notes: The Last-Minute Gift Store.8F24 Krusty relaxes at Wimbledon while Kamp Krusty is under siege.Mabf05 Lisa: It's the mascot (pin) of the 1924 Olympics held in Chamonix!8F22 Homer defines a boudoir as "Where a French guy does it".She started lithuania escort in a restaurant where she was dragging it out with a guy, who tried to help her.9F03 Itchy Scratchy beating Hitler in war time cartoon.(Sabotage Edna at Teacher of the year) Even worse than what I did in Nam.3G02 Skinner (in response to Bart's rubber butt accusation Young man, I can assure you by posterior is nothing more than flesh, bone and that metal plate I got in Nam.Dabf19 Kaiser Wilhelm, "The Most Evil German of All rises from his grave to terrorize Springfield.
Burkina Faso 2F13 Homer spots Burkina Faso on the phone bill, but keeps it quiet in case he did it and didn't remember.
Marge: They'll be another one in North Yemen in 2027.
That flamethrower really toasted their waffles.
We will not be reading Death in Venice today.
Dabf10 Bart learns Spanish for his trip to Brazil.
Dabf13 The FOX program "When Dinosaurs get Drunk" is replaced by "The Boring World of Niels Bohr".
Krabappel's classroom we see Switzerland labf03 Mayor Quimby: It's my wife!An aabf12 Homer's sandwich (in Lisa's hallucination) contains Canadian as well as Mexican bacon.Everyone - pretend this is a trade seminar in Zurich.But for us, Jews, no flamingo!Nabf07 Itchy Scratchy Episode: Itchy Scratchy in The Great Brawl of China nabf18 Future Lisa: Lady, this is Maggie Simpson, she just played a sold out show in Beijing pabf03 On television program "Gut Check With Homer Simpson" they show Mount Rushmore with Mao Tse.Eabf02 The Robin Williams-wannabe teacher talks about Kruchev.Rabf04 Mav: You guys lock.(tears banner of Springfield in half).Try Syria for two months.

Eabf02 "Nature Canada" arcade game seen at Epcot eabf06 Lisa: That's Fung Pang Li, the seven-foot sensation from Szechuan.
Guatemala 3F24 Chief Wiggum got his chili peppers from a Guatemalan insane asylum.
Cabf12 Television program Great Moments in Olympic History references Mexico City eabf04 Ruth Powers: I got this body in prison.