medical escort перевод

He travels without querias verga no putito any ceremonial escort You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) " escort examples and translations in context Notify escort to pick up survivors.
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To escort buque escolta.Vt (accompany) escorter he escorted her round London, may I escort you home?Experience of work with state top officials.How to order interpreter in Moscow: - click "Order now" opposite to the chosen service - use a credit card, PayPal or mujer busca mujer guanajuato receive an invoice for payment to place the order.Bajo escolta to escort sb in exp.Escorter her escort exp.Sa compagne under escort exp.Response rate: 100 Average response time: Within an hour.Son cavalier his escort exp.To escort sb to the door raccompagner qn jusqu'à la porte.Por ello, cabe encomiar las iniciativas adoptadas recientemente por la marina francesa para escoltar los buques con asistencia humanitaria.
I was wearing a fur coat and my escort was in a dinner jacket.
Acompañar a algn al entrar to escort sb home exp.
Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation (English-Russian, Russian-English) on business negotiations for such clients as: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, «Private Haute Couture», «Jayley «Landoil Chemical Group «Grand Hotels Israel», «Corbeau», «Bokovfactory», «Dosio «Jiangyin Xinlian Welding Equipment., Ltd».
I'll agree to a special forces escort.
Male escort femme de compagnie exp.
N (police, soldiers) escorte f a police escort une escorte de police, he arrived with a police escort.
See to the door, escort to the door, escort to the gate raccompagner.Escort ; take back ;bring home ; bring back home ; see out ; accompany back ; take back home ; take home You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) Advertising.Interpretation and assistance to VIP guests on different international events in the field of politics, culture, science, art: Forum «Russia Land of opportunity Forum «Dairy industry brics Culture Ministers Meeting, Christie's (art auction investment forum «PRO Estate «Sotheby's» (art auction Ministry of Finance of the.Other sharks join the menacing escort.Una escolta policial to travel under escort exp.A n 1 (group) séquito m, acompañamiento m, (lady's) acompañante m 2 (girl from agency) señorita f de compañía 3 (Mil, Naut) escolta f to travel under escort viajar con escolta a police escort una escolta policial b vt 1 acompañar to escort.Bajo la escolta a police escort exp.Lancen el escuadrón Azul para escoltar a Baltar a bordo.Also found in: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.Leslie, podrías acompañar a la Srta.Experince of work from June 2008 till nowadays.