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C'est la vie unknown, the best useful translation I've heard is ".
You know, I accidently hired a whore the other night.The best retort to this is ".Estudiante : Ese puta madre.I'm not a whore, Harry.Tu t'habilles comme une pute.Je ne suis pas une pute, Harry.He was accusing me of being a whore.Je suis une pute alors ça ne fait rien.But that lady's a whore.Why are you dressed like a whore?
An associated idiom, c'est la guerre which means this is war amor en linea latino would likewise best be interpreted as "Such is war.
"puta" used with other words can change its meaning some words with a at the end can be directed to woman as whore or bitch, usually when the word it combines with is has e or o at the end is made fuck and directed.
No results found for this meaning.Come on, guys, I mean, that chick's a whore.Yeah, she's a whore.The word is Spanish's most commonly used swear word it is just as abused as the English word "fuck" puta madre!No one's gonna take you away from a hooker in the middle of the night to save Mount Rushmore.#puta #madre #carrajo #mierda #perra by Carlokoz The Don December 01, 2005 puta madre unknown "puta" is Spanish's Castilian word for fuck and " madre " is a word in spanish used for mom and spanish in English's point of view "switches" the descriptive word.Better translations lead to "That's life" or "it's life".