11 The legend assures a devotee liberation if they treat god as their own son.
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In Hinduism, Putana sanskrit : Ptan, lit.I am yours." Further, Putana is purified and liberated from her mortal body by Krishna.You're going to mujeres buscan empleo bogota think I'm a slut.Ancient Indian medical texts prescribe her worship to protect children from diseases.By offering her milk, Putana had performed "the supreme act of putas jamaiquinas maternal devotion 1 in the shadow of her evil motives.Putana is interpreted as an infantile disease or bird, symbolizing danger to an infant or desire respectively, and even as a symbolic bad mother.
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12 Another theory interprets Putana as an infantile disease that Krishna survived, which can be cured by forcefully suckling the child affected.Mahabharata Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Vishnu Purana, Garga Samhita and Prem Sagar.6 Thus, Putana, like Yashodha, is also considered as a foster-mother of Krishna as she breast-fed him.10 Previous birth edit Vamana triumphs over Bali Garga Samhita (a work on the life of Krishna) and Brahma Vaivarta Purana further tell of the previous birth of Putana as Ratnamala, the daughter of demon king Bali.He's got that commie bitch with him.The Brahmanda Purana and Harita Samhita mention Putanas as a sub-group of Matrikas and Grahinis, whose individual names include Kali and Dakini.Putana assumed the disguise of a young, beautiful woman and came to Gokul ( Vraj ) - Krishna's home-town.Putana is also the name of the weapon of or a form of the goddess of small pox, Sitala.51 Herbert in Shashi.842 a b Herbert in Shashi.842-4 Olson.240-2 Agrawal in Shashi.822 Dimmitt.6 7 The people of Vraj cut Putana's body, burying her bones and feet and burning shades escort the flesh and skin.She soon changed her mind and decided to kill Vamana, after he acquired all possessions of Bali.Hindu Primary Sources: A Sectarian Reader.In Shashi, Shyam Singh.You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) " puttana examples and translations in context.