D de puta madre!
More information de puta madre (also: fenomenal, chido, chida, increíble ) de puta madre (also: bárbaro, genial, estupendo, estupenda ) volume_up great adj.
However, it's actually more commonly resorted to as an adjective to express anger.Joder (also pronounced joer ) Literally it has the same meaning as the English F-word, but it's more often used with its figurative meanings.More_vert she's a bloody brilliant player!Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? .To be up to the eggs/testicles with.Similar translations, similar anuncios de mujeres en ayacucho translations for "de puta madre!" in English de noun, english de preposition, english de conjunction.
"puta" used with other words can change its meaning some words with a at the end can be directed to woman as whore or bitch, usually when the word it combines with is has e or o at the end is made nombres de mujeres rusas y su significado fuck and directed.
Profesor: Clase, tengo una sorpresa para ustedes.
The meaning is similar to the English "Yeah, right!" or "No way!" but a bit ruder.
It applies to people, situations, experiences, anything.
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A:No en serio, ojalas que nada se pasa.Profesor, eres la puta madre!Coño, qué hambre tengo!Segundo Ejemplo: A:Oye chato, cuando yo cachado con la hermana de Miguel - fue a la cagada!Estar hasta los huevos/cojones.The expressions with these words are endless and in many instances you can use either word.Here are a few useful expressions, but don't be surprised if you hear testicles mentioned in other contexts!Let's stay in touch Copyright, unless otherwise noted.

To be fed up with.
I have to go to the prostitute doctor.
These contain some examples of vulgar language.