Hijo de las mil putas, translation: Son of a thousand whores.
It means stop bothering me to be used when you want someone to leave you alone.
No me toques los huevos, translation: Dont touch my eggs.
You can shout this down las Ramblas at the thief who successfully managed to ease your new phone out of your back pocket without you noticing and is now dodging through the crowds.Que te la pique un pollo.Motherfucker in spanish english to spanish translation.8 (con valor enfático) de la leche bloody (muy_familiar) hace un calor de la leche it's bloody hot; este tráfico de la leche me tiene frita!Púdrete, puta, translation: Rot yourself, whore, you know those guys who quietly mutter guapa as you pass?Me cago en la leche, translation: I shit in the milk.You lucky o jammy (familiar) devil!Veci sedia ako uliate, chcem sa podakovat za kvalitne sluzby a rychlu dopravu.It means Im gonna hit you really hard.1 de mamífero milk se ha cortado la leche the milk has gone off; café con leche white coffee; coffee with milk; chocolate maduras gordas y putas con leche milk chocolate estar con o tener la leche en los labios to be young and inexperienced; be wet behind the.
One of the things we love most about Spanish is its stunning variety of swearwords and insults.
Use when your friend tells you theyre cancelling dinner plans to go on a Tinder date.
I'm fed up with this bloody traffic!Dobry den prajem, dnes som obdrzal zasielku vsetko v poriadku prislo to zo dna na den super.No seas tan pendejo, translation: Dont be such a pube.Use on las Ramblas when you catch someone trying to pickpocket you.Puta follada por el culo hasta llorar.Igrice zevalo najbolje besplatne online igrice i igre.(muy_familiar qué coche ni qué leche!Tu puta madre en bicicleta, translation: Your whore mother on a bicycle.Translation: I hope a chicken pecks your penis.Urban dictionary puta que pariu.(ni hablar) no way!By NWO Ultimate on, puta videos.